Our Kids Sake

Strengthening our community by supporting children and families facing homeless in the California Bay Area.

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Who are we?

Our Kids Sake is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that strengthens our local community by helping homeless children in Sonoma County and the larger Bay Area.

We provide local homeless children and families with  essentials  like clothing, healthy food, hygiene products, vitamins, and educational materials. In addition, Our Kids Sake brings water filters to shelters in order to improve the quality of water for all residents and visitors, and provides personal protective equipment to help keep everyone safe.

Please help us to pursue this valuable work of providing better conditions and a better future for the many homeless children in the Bay Area who face immense challenges. Donate today or contact us to find out how you can help.


In response to the pandemic, Our Kids Sake has focused efforts on bringing personal protective equipment to homeless shelters in Sonoma County.
In addition, we continue to work towards improving the quality of water accessible by homeless children and families by providing high-quality water filters to homeless shelters in the Bay Area .